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Gratitude-Paying It Forward

October 21, 2010 1 comment

I recently received a card in the mail from somebody that I didn’t recognize at first. I opened it and as I read the words that were written I was both astonished and filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this person~a woman whom I just happen to meet several weeks earlier at a department store check out line.

Let me explain. It was late at night. This particular department store was having one of their big sales and they were open late. It must have been around 10PM, if my memory serves me correct. Anyway, as I was standing in line waiting to check out, a conversation was struck with the woman in line behind me. Those of you who know me understand this much about my personality~that I live by this mantra: “There are no strangers in life-only friends I haven’t met yet!” As was this case, we talked about her recent move to the area, how her husband was in active military, the weather, etc. A very pleasant conversation with a sweet soul. As I finished paying for my items, I turned around and handed her my 30% OFF coupon. I didn’t need it anymore and that was the last night that any of us could use it. She gladly accepted and we parted ways.

Evidently, my name and address were on that card. Hence, the nice card I received. Here is what it said:

Dear Mrs. Hastings,
I stood behind you in line at ABC Dept Store (NO~Not the liquor
store!) last month. We exchanged a few friendly words and then
to my surprise, you shared your coupon with me.

You saved me close to $30, and more than that, you touched my
heart. To a one income, active duty Army family, $30 is alot! 😉
I prayed a special blessing for you and your family. Your kindness
was unexpected and I greatly appreciated it and felt the need to
tell you so.

I have already paid it forward, to say the least. Random Acts of
Kindness are heart warming and inspiring. In my case, it was also
a blessing. Thank you so much! Take care and God Bless.

This woman could have gone the rest of her life, never sharing her heart with me about this incident. I so appreciated her taking the time to let me know that this seemingly insignificant act on my part touched her in a sweet and special way. I am the one who was touched by her!

I keep this card tucked away in a very special place. I see it often and it serves to remind me that we all have those “Divine Appointments” in life. Whom will you run into tomorrow? Under what circumstance? How will you respond? How will I respond. Will I be kind? Or, will I be hot and bothered that day about God knows what? I hope that I choose kindness. How about you?

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