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Doggie Love

October 13, 2010 2 comments

Many of you know that I am a proud mama to my three little canine kids. There is this “love” thing that goes on between dog owners and their pets.

What is there NOT to love?

Nothing against little kitties, but to me, nothing compares with the unadulterated love that you receive from your dog. It doesn’t matter how you’ve treated them~good, bad or indifferent. It doesn’t matter if you’ve over-fed or starved them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been by their side every waking moment or gone for a month. As soon as they hear your car pulling into the driveway the symphony of excitement can be heard and seen through the windows.

When I walk into my house after being away for the day, the first ones to always greet me are my doggies! They’re little bodies are dancing with sheer exuberance at my sight. It’s amazing how much rhythm they have stemming from their little tails. (I have small dogs) Then, the show begins. Whom will I greet first? They begin to bicker and fight amongst themselves for my affections! They’re duking it out to be first in line!! Hilarious. They always bring a smile to my face and are a welcome sight particularly after a stressful day. They just love you. Who doesn’t want or need that kind of love?

I’ve buried a dog or 2 in my lifetime. Those are excruciating moments. Those of you that are dog lovers know what I’m talking about. But, this is life. It’s about living and ultimately dying. I have a personal belief. It might be crazy to some, but it’s my belief. One day, when my turn comes to enter the Pearly Gates, I believe that I will hear the familiar symphony of excitement as I near that gate. I believe that all my little furry (and not so furry~Yes. I have hairless pooches) friends will be running once again to greet me. Honestly, I get teary eyed just thinking about it! Maybe I’m wrong about that one. I don’t know. I’ll find out one day.

You may think that it’s quite presumptuous of me tho think I’ll make it to the Pearly gates. I have a deep, personal and quiet assurance about that. The real question I pose to you is, “Will YOU make it to the Pearly Gates?” I really do hope so. Your canine family will be waiting.

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