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Our Kids Are Like The Federal Government

That’s right. You heard me correctly. Those of you who are parents out there know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Friday night. My husband and I take our two boys out for dinner. A new place for us. Right on Hollywood Beach~A place called ‘Oceans 11 On The Beach’. (You can purchase a “half off” gift certificate like I did by clicking HERE) Decent food. Fair prices. Fantastic service~Our server was Cari. Did I mention it was right on the beach? Absolutely beautiful weather. So far, a very a nice evening.


The View From 'Ocean's Eleven on The Beach.'


So, after dinner my eldest says, “Hey, why don’t we go down to Jackson’s Ice Cream Parlour? It’s just down the street!” My youngest chimes in on the brilliance of the idea. He too, is convinced that his older sibling has had a momentary incident of GENIOUS! Well, I’m not really opposed to the suggestion but I inform them that the bank has run dry. If they want to go, then they will have to treat. In other words, they must pay for the entire bill!

All systems come to a  grinding  HALT! Of course, that rule changes things a bit. It’s not that they didn’t have the money between them, it’s just that now it would require something of them. Sacrifice. Sweat equity. Counting the COST. Was it worth it? Was it a good value? SHOULD they spend their money on this costly ice cream escapade? Hmmmm.

Sounds a lot like our Federal Government at work with our dollars. So long as Uncle Sam doesn’t  have to break his back earning it, he goes right along spending it with seemingly little to no regard. Much like our kids do to us~right?

After a little talk between the two brothers, they agree to share the cost and we embark on our journey to the famous ‘Jackson’s Ice Cream Parlour’ for desert. It has easily been over 20 years since my husband and I set foot in that place and everything looked exactly the same! The Tropical Coconut Ice Cream on my banana split was the best. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time with Mikey~the little Monkey who set up shop outside on the parking lot collecting coins for a handshake. Now, that’s one smart monkey!


'The Turtle' Sundae at Jackson's Ice Cream


It took one good look at the menu for our boys to learn a quick lesson on the cost of nostalgia and ice cream at Jacksons. We agreed that sharing two ice cream creations between the four of us would be just fine. Honestly, one banana split would have been plenty. They are very generous with their servings.

So, there you have it. The rantings of a South Florida tax professional! The moral of my story? If our Federal Government could take a lesson from two brothers~counting the cost of ice cream, I think this country would be in a much healthier position. (No pun intended) I wish that I was not so cynical when it comes to this subject. Short of a miracle (and I do believe in those), I don’t see our elected officials having very much, if any, thoughtful contemplation on how they tax and spend the money of  the American people. (You and me!) I have no doubt that if it was their money on the spending block, they’d have a lot more conscience about things. Maybe we should send two brothers to address Congress on this issue of cost & spending.  ???  Just my opinion here.

If you have any thoughts or ideas~by all means, post and share!

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